Think’s Lab: The Series is a TV shame about Thinknoodles, his dog Kopi, Kevin, Dave, and the Minions having exciting adventures when inspecting mods in Minecraft

WELCOME TO THINK'S LAB! - Minecraft Mods -Minecraft Roleplay-

WELCOME TO THINK'S LAB! - Minecraft Mods -Minecraft Roleplay-

Episodes Edit

  1. Camping Trip: Think and Kopi goes camping
  2. Welcome To Think’s Lab: Think and Kopi discovered a lab named after him
  3. Valentine’s Day: It’s Valentine’s Day, and Think decided to test some girlfriends before he goes on a date with his wife
  4. Aquarium Repair: After the sharks turned angry and broke the aquarium, Think is determined to release the sharks back to the ocean
  5. Bathroom Nightmare: Think decided to test morphing
  6. Jurassic Park: Think and his friends visited Jurassic Park
  7. Hamster Party: Think tests some hamsters
  8. The Cookie Monster: Think and his friends visited the Cookie Biome after the Cookie Monster is obsessed with cookies
  9. Spring Break Misadventure: During Spring Break, Think goes on vacation with his wife
  10. iPad Chaos: Think decided to play on the iPad
  11. New Furniture: Think decided to buy new furniture
  12. Lucky Block Infomercial: Think decided to start a Lucky Block commercial
  13. Kevin’s Disasters: After Kevin goes Genocide, Kevin told Think to test about spawning disasters
  14. Ran Ran Ruu! It’s McHerobrine: Dave got kidnapped by McHerobrine and Think explores the MineDonald Dimension
  15. Minions Vs Blokkits: Think decided to test the Blokkits
  16. Kopi’s New Tricks: Think decided to teach Kopi some new tricks
  17. Kevin Summons Herobrine: Kevin goes Genocide to summon Herobrine
  18. Epic Beach Party!!: Think decided to meet his bro Chuck for the beach party
  19. Cloning Kopi: Think decided to test some DNA and cloning
  20. Kevin And Gretel: Kevin And Gretel visits the Candy Dimension, and Think must rescue them from a evil witch
  21. The Wizard Of Oz: After getting destroyed by a tornado, Think and Kopi founded themselves landed in the World of Oz
  22. Security Upgrades: Think decided to test some security staff after a Enderman almost steal the Noodle Soup Secret Recipe
  23. Kevin Wakes Pigzilla: Kevin goes Genocide by awaking Pigzilla after messing or abusing with pigs
  24. Farming With TNT: Kevin goes Genocide by farming TNT after Think made the worst idea ever
  25. An Scary Future: Think tests the mobs, until something bad or unexpected happened
  26. Prison Break: Kevin was thrown in jail and Think decided to start a prison break
  27. The Rescue: Herobrine kidnapped Think’s Wife. And Think decided to become Spiderman
  28. Saving KFC: Think gets a boring job at KFC until he got banned by them
  29. Super Hide And Seek: Think and Kevin plays Super Hide And Seek in a alternative dimension
  30. Shrink Ray: Think tests a shrink ray
  31. Mission Impossible!!: After the lab manual were stolen by Pat The Enderman, Think decides to retrieve it back
  32. Kevin’s iPod: Kevin reprograms his iPod with TNT
  33. Firing Missiles: Mojang bans Kevin from using TNT, thinking it was a threat to their safety
  34. 4th of July Feast: Think starts a feast on the 4th of July
  35. Illegal Fireworks: Think tests some banned fireworks
  36. Kevin Gets His TNT Back!!!: Kevin learns his lesson and gets his TNT back
  37. Elsa Stops Solar Apocalypse!!: Kevin invents a weapon and Dave accidentally messes with it and caused a solar apocalypse
  38. Kophobia: Kevin have that bad dream and has a fear of dogs
  39. YouTuber Museum: Think and his friends takes a field trip to the YouTuber Museum, until Stampy Cat’s cake is missing
  40. Kevin’s Elemental Creepers: Think tests new and elemental creepers
  41. Surprise Party: The gang starts a surprise party
  42. UnLucky Drinks: Think starts a commercial about Lucky Drinks at a island resort
  43. King Kong Vs Disney: Kevin accidentally awakens King Kong after snatching a banana
  44. Kevin’s Crazy Armor: Think tests some armor
  45. Kevin’s Noodle House: Kevin starts a noodle restaurant after KFC has shut down
  46. School Starts Back Up!!: Think and Kevin goes back to school
  47. Bacteria Destruction: Think tests about bacteria, until Kevin started to plan Genocide
  48. Rescuing Kopi: Bowser kidnaps Kopi and think must defeat Bowser
  49. Taming Dragons: Think tests about taming dragons
  50. Ice Bucket Challenge: Think is determined to do the Ice Bucket Challenge
  51. Kevin Fells In Love: Kevin fells in love with Gretel
  52. Trolling Kevin: All of the Minions are not in Think’s Lab, so Think decided to play with Kopi in his lab as a day off
  53. Enter The Dragon: Think enters the Dragon and got warped to the Nether
  54. The Future of Minecraft: Think discovers the next generation of Minecraft, but things got weirder
  55. Party Crasher: The Minions hosts a party, and Think isn’t invited
  56. First Date!!: Kevin goes on a date
  57. Selfieeeee!!!!: Think and Kevin goes on a walk to try one of these selfies
  58. Extermination: There is a infestation in Think’s Lab
  59. Skelebrine: Kevin tries to do a Herobrine project, but a Skeleton popped out until dropped a bone and turned Kevin’s Herobrine project into Skelebrine after get killed
  60. Dave Learns To Fly: Dave wants to ride a plane
  61. Kevin Learns To Drive: Kevin wants to drive a car
  62. Halloween: Think and his minions tried on costumes for Halloween
  63. Changing Seasons: Think and his minions do some pumpkin carving
  64. Mob Invasion: A bunch of mobs invading Think’s Lab
  65. Think Gets Sick: Think is having a sick day, and gets a flu shot
  66. No More Candy!: Kevin gets too many sugar and gets really Genocide
  67. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Think and his minions meets the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  68. Spider-Minions: Think turns his minions into Spider-Minions
  69. Halloween Party: It’s Halloween, and Think hosts a halloween party. Unfortunately, his noodles is stolen
  70. Time Control: Kevin tests about speed motion and manipulates time
  71. Biggest Sandwich Ever: Think and the minions makes sandwiches
  72. First Night At Freddy’s: After Think and his minions forgot to pay the party bills, Think gets his new job at Freddy’s Pizzeria
  73. Tomorrowland Party: Think and his minions goes to Tomorrowland
  74. Dinos At School: Think and his minions go to the museum
  75. The Great Turkey Hunt: Think and his minions hunts for turkeys for Thanksgiving
  76. Giant Potato Gun: Kevin tests out his potato gun
  77. Temple of the Sacred Noodles: Think goes on a adventure to get the Sacred Noodles
  78. The Sensei: Think wants to be a wise sensei
  79. Kevin’s TNT Balloon: After Kevin stows away in Think’s Yellow Submarine and got caught red-handed. Kevin invents a TNT balloon
  80. The Lich King: Kevin builts a portal to the Twilight Forest during his date, and Juliet got kidnapped by the Lich King
  81. Christmas Tree Chainsaw Massacre: It’s almost Christmas and Think and his minions afford a Christmas Tree
  82. Enter the Elysium: After Think screwed up and died, he entered a stupid world called Elysium and forced him to respawn
  83. Think’s Evil Clone: Think decided to clone himself, until Kopi used the switch to turn Think’s clone evil
  84. Twas The Night Before Christmas: It’s Christmas and Think and his minions are excited
  85. Kopi Gets Jealous: After Think gets Prince Albert from Santa, Kopi felt angry
  86. Kevin’s Birthday: It’s Kevin’s Birthday and Think decided to test some TNT fireworks
  87. Safari: Think and his minions goes on a safari
  88. Dave’s Air Jordans: Think and David goes to the mall to get some shoes
  89. The Noodle Bar: The Minions built the Noodle Bar. Kevin accidentally angered the cow gods when killing Mooshrooms as cow abuse
  90. Lucky Block Infomercial Redux: Think starts a Lucky Block Infomercial
  91. Dropper Parachute: Think tests some parachutes in the Dropper
  92. New Coffee Machine: Think and the minions decided to get a coffee machine
  93. Kevin Hacks Minecraft: Kevin goes Genocide by hacking Minecraft
  94. TNT Core Samples: Think goes on a scientific quest to test some TNT Core Samples
  95. Dr. Trayaurus’ Minion Challenge: Think decided to do the Minion Challenge
  96. 1 Year Anniversary: Think and the minions make some new cakes
  97. Rollercoaster: The minions built the Coolest Coaster Ever
  98. Arcade Rip-Off: Think and his minions goes to the Arcade
  99. Blind Date: It’s Valentine's Day and Dave is going on a date
  100. Swimming Race: Kevin gets his speedo and Think meets Ariel
  101. Minion Generator: The minions built a Minion Generator
  102. Mario Kart Mowers: It’s racing time and Think and Kevin decided to test some lawnmowers
  103. The Surgery: Think and his minions visited Think’s Wife at the hospital
  104. Squicken: Kevin creates his own pet: The Squicken
  105. Little Lab Of Horrors: Think and his minions create new hybrids of new plants
  106. Mob Attack: The mobs planned a threat to the city hall
  107. Pi Day: Think and his minions bakes pies for Pi Day
  108. The Rainbow: It’s St. Patrick’s Day at the Lab
  109. Lava Bath Strike: The mayor bans the Lava Bath as a conflict to their rules and force the minions to go on strike
  110. School Visit: Think and his minions go to school
  111. Blocklings ATTACK: Think and his minions tests upgraded versions of Blokkits
  112. April Fools Rule: It’s April Fools Day and Think is gonna sell his lab
  113. Easter Bunny Rescue: It’s Easter and the Easter Bunny is kidnapped and Think must saved Easter
  114. It’s About Time: Think and his minions must rescue Juliet by time traveling
  115. Out To Launch: Think and his minions take a trip to the Moon
  116. One Year Of Kevin: A movie about Kevin
  117. Beach Trip: Think and his minions took a trip to the beach
  118. Bad Tacos!: Think and his minions visit Taco Bell, but a dark secret tookover the restaurant
  119. Curing Grape Jelly: Think goes on a scavenger hunt, but founded a odd bridge leading to a lair
  120. Inventory Pets: Kevin starts his premium storage and Think tests inventory pets
  121. Star Wars: It’s May 4th, and Think and his minions celebrates Star Wars
  122. Pixelmon: Think must save Kevin and were determined to challenge ThnxCya to a Pokemon battle
  123. Doctor Who? Think Who?: Think and his minions are going on a trip to the Doctor
  124. Zoo Trip: Think and his minions are going to the zoo at night
  125. Sir Thinknoodles: Think decided to become a brave knight after being invited to the Mine-essaince festival
  126. Red Velvet Cake: Think decided to bake a cake
  127. Memorial Day BBQ: It’s Memorial Day and Think and the minions decided to have a BBQ grill
  128. Corrupted Mobs: Think and his minions do some coding, but the coding started to turn horribly wrong and distort and the mobs began to get corrupted
  129. Birthday Wish: It’s Think’s birthday and Think uses his birthday wish to summon Dinnerbone
  130. Kopi’s Doggy Friends: Think and Kopi befriends new dog friends and met Beethoven
  131. Return to Freddy’s: Think returns to Freddy’s pizzeria
  132. Kevin In Azkaban: Kevin is kidnapped and Think goes to Hogwarts to become a wizard in order to rescue Kevin
  133. Sky Realm Adventure: After Kevin used TNT as a way to open a portal. Think, Kopi, and Kevin found themselves in the Sky Realm
  134. Jack-In-A-Box: Think tests some block samples
  135. 4th Of July: Think and his minions starts a fireworks show
  136. The Minion Movie Caper: Think and his minions took the Minions Movie from the cinema, but ended up in jail
  137. The Cape: Think and his minions do the Honorary Iron Golem Challenge
  138. Kevin 2.0.: Think replaces Kevin
  139. Sunken Pirate Ship: Think encounters a sunken pirate ship
  140. Mob Infusion: Think and his minions creates new mobs by fusing old mobs
  141. When Poachers Attack: Think and his minions attempted to stop poachers
  142. Kopi The Circus Dog: Think and his minions visits the Circus
  143. Furby Farm: Think and his minions visits the Furby Farm
  144. Viral Party: Think and his minions started a party
  145. Orientation Education: It’s a rainy day, and Think and his minions prepare for a orientation at school
  146. Kopi’s Date: After Kopi leaves the Lab. Kopi finds a date, until getting kidnapped
  147. School Shopping: Think and his Minions shop for school supplies
  148. Alone In The Lab: Think and Kopi founded that the lab is empty
  149. Visit at the Vet: Think takes Kopi to the vet
  150. Think Saves Doglandia: Think takes Kopi to Doglandia
  151. Kevin’s Robo Dino: After Kevin refuses to do chores, Kevin used the secret exit
  152. Cookoff!: Think starts a cookoff
  153. Evil Thinknoodles: Think tests about chemicals
  154. Mailbox Thief: Think and his minions decided to save the mailman
  155. The “Marioshroom”: After Think checks Kevin and Dave’s height. Kevin wanted to be taller
  156. Water On Mars: Think and his minions takes a trip to Mars
  157. The Golden Lion: Think and his minions return to the Zoo
  158. Pumpkin Picking: Think and his minions goes to the Pumpkin Patch
  159. Dirt Bikes: Think and his minions ride on dirt bikes
  160. The Pharaoh: Think and his minions goes to Egypt
  161. Heroic Halloween: Think tries on superhero costumes for Halloween
  162. Back to the Future: Think and his minions headed to the Museum
  163. Fright Night: Think and the minions go to the Sky-Tastic Theme Park
  164. Vampire Noodles: Think began to turn into a vampire
  165. Costume Contest: Think and the minions holds a costume contest for Halloween
  166. Rotten Pumpkins: Think and his minions cleans up after the party
  167. Kopi The Nintendog: Think decides to teach Kopi some new dog tricks
  168. Useless Kevin: Kevin invents useless stuff
  169. Gone Fishing: Think goes on a fishing trip
  170. The Flying Spaghetti Monster: After Kevin sent the Noodle Secret Recipe in a safe-deposit box, Think and his minions visited the bank
  171. Kevin Goes Bananas: Think let his minions enjoy some free samples, until Kevin took the bad free sample
  172. Million Noodler Montage: Think is excited to get a million subscribers
  173. The Christmas Tree: Think and his minions shopping for a christmas tree
  174. Gift Shopping: Think shops for gifts
  175. Santa’s Help: Think and his minions help Santa during Christmas
  176. Four Years on YouTube: Think and his minions enjoy some carnival rides
  177. Stealing Christmas Back: Think and his minions are going to save Christmas
  178. Saving The Christmas Tree: Think and his minions are going to save their Christmas tree
  179. Kevin’s Birthday II: It’s Kevin’s birthday again
  180. The Growth Serum: Think tests out the growth serum
  181. The Wither Storm: After Kevin uses the wither statue with a command block, he accidentally respawned the Wither Storm
  182. Minion Torture: Kevin follows the banana sign, but it turns out to be a trap
  183. Fire In The Lab: Think and his minions decorated the lab with fireproof wood and wool
  184. School Graffti: Kevin is accused of vandalism in the school due of painting the school with graffti
  185. Think Gets Fat: Think decided to get fat
  186. Think Gets Skinny: Think is forced to exercise and gets skinny
  187. Pi Day School Lesson: It’s Pi Day and Think and the minions go to school to study the Pi Day Lesson
  188. Skate Park: Think and the minions goes skating
  189. We’re Broke: After the business changed the currency from diamonds, emeralds, and gold to dollars. Kevin wiped out Think’s bank account and Think became broke
  190. The Apology: Think is forced to apologize with Kevin
  191. Halloween Surprise: After Think abandoned his lab by ending this series, Think founds out the Lab is haunted
  192. Thinknoodles Strikes Back: After Think turns his lab into a TNT and noodle factory, a penguin counterpart of him from Club Penguin Island seek revenge at him

Trivia Edit

  • The TV shame is available on YouTube, but it got banned after Thinknoodles played Roblox instead of Minecraft
  • The Portals of Mystery movie is a special of the TV series, but it got cancelled after Think started playing Roblox
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