Club Penguin is a shame where Thinknoodles made his first video. Until Thinknoodles started to missed parties in Club Penguin after developed lack of energy, lack of interest, and lack of knowledge after playing Minecraft or Roblox. Then Thinknoodles started to only visit Club Penguin with Squashey Quack. And then Club Penguin shut down after got replaced by its reboot known as Club Penguin Island

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time that Thinknoodles dumped and betrayed his game that made him started his channel on YouTube after being lazy, sloppy, or moping. Of course Thinknoodles is a complete sloth
Club Penguin Insiders Party - From Thinknoodles View

Club Penguin Insiders Party - From Thinknoodles View

Thinknoodles First Video

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